Air Dried Seed; air dried so that the grass and wildflower seeds have their best chance to grow.

Our Air Dried Seed paper is extremely popular and we advise you to ring us on 01442 234600 or email, if you wish to place an order. This stock disappears fast, so we have deactivated it on the webshop.

Air Dried Seed is made to 280gsm in both white and cream, as standard makings. Our maximum sheet size is SRA2. The seed inclusion is UK native wildflower seeds and grass seeds.

We can go a little lighter or to 300gsm for bespoke orders, with a minimum order of 200 SAR2 sheets but there will be a lead time.  This lovely paper is not dried on the machine in order to preserve the seed in the condition to which we bought it; it is hand reeled, hand torn into sheets and air dried, so is a little more expensive than other papers.  You need to plan ahead if you wish to use Air Dried Seed paper, as it is time consuming to produce and it doesn’t often get as far as our stock shelves.  

You can see pictures below  and we are happy to send A4 samples so you can touch and test it.  Our customers tell us it has been successfully printed using litho and digital print methods.  Any further questions, do not hesitate to get in touch. Ask for Sue, as our papermakers are far too busy making it.